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Where Festive Energy Comes Alive

The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating for 122 guests,

with the al fresco area overlooking the hotel swimming pool on Level 8. Designed by Manny Samson & Associates (MSA), local material in natural

and subdued tones capture the elegant and bespoke

interior design applications. Manny Samson, the principal designer,

has honed his talent in the creation of memorable interiors

in various parts of North America, Africa, Australia, South America and Asia, while residing for almost two decades in Los Angeles, California, before moving back to Asia.

Notable in the restaurant interiors are the butterfly patterns

on the glass panels, reflective of Peru’s natural heritage

as the home of over 3,700 butterfly species – more than any other country and equal to about 20% of the world’s total butterfly population.


"Not only is the cafe equipped with features to make working out of the office convenient, but it's designed to be homey and cozy, too — not to mention the fact that it's very easy on the eyes."

SPOT PH, 2019