Taste the flavors of Peru at Samba on Level 8, featuring diverse ingredients and colorful dishes inspired by the country’s culinary heritage.

Samba, located at Level 8 of the hotel, features the fresh flavors and colorful dishes of Peru, a country making its mark in the culinary world for its biodiversity and acclaimed chefs. Known as the original fusion cuisine, Peruvian fare is a confluence of more than 500 years of immigration and inculturation of Spanish, African, Chinese and Japanese influence with native Peruvian culture. Throughout the years, Peruvian cuisine has gained more popularity and now, Manila can savor the authentic flavors of Peru at Samba.

 Dip into an ocean of flavors and enjoy our catch of the day. 

Samba at Shangri-La at the Fort, Manila complements the stunning panorama of the sun, sky, and surrounding skyscrapers, and offers a delightful array of Peruvian favorites.