Dip into an ocean of flavors and enjoy our catch of the day.

Samba, located at Level 8 of the hotel, features the fresh flavors and colorful dishes of Peru, a country making its mark in the culinary world for its biodiversity and acclaimed chefs.


Known to be the melting pot of South America, Peruvian cuisine is a reflection of the country’s distinct geography and its lush agriculture merged with the history and influences coming from various countries like; Japan, Spain, China, Italy and France. The diversity of the cuisine has paved the way for chefs to be more brazen with their creations.


With our colorful and contemporary presentation, we allow our guests to enjoy the best seafood with

Peruvian flavors.

Samba at Shangri-La at the Fort

Signature Dishes

Ceviche Limeño

Popular seafood dish found in Peru’s coastal areas – composed of marinated raw fish in lime, red onion, coriander, tobiko, cancha corn and leche de tigre. A simple dish that is representative of Peru and similar to the Filipino “kilawin” – it has no doubt won the hearts of many.

Arroz con mariscos

A beautiful celebration of colors and flavors all in one plate. This traditional Peruvian seafood rice can be found in most South American countries and has now found its way to Manila’s food scene. Chef Carlo Huerta Echegaray’s award-winning recipe brings joy and comfort for diners at Samba.

Anticucho de pulpo

Anticucho de pulpo or chargrilled octopus is an integral part of Peruvian cuisine originating from the Andes during the pre-Columbian era. With history traced back to the 16th century, this dish can now be found in different parts of the world with various modern adaptations. Served with a confit of potatoes and chimichurri sauce, this appetizer is a delight.

Exotic flavours to delight the palate

AComplementing our fresh seafood are our unique cocktails like caipirinhas, pisco sour, mojito, daiquiri, margarita, and sangria to give guests a taste of paradise in the Metro.

The cocktail culture in Samba is inspired by South American classics – an exotic mix of concoctions that are mostly fruit-based drinks mixed with tequila and rum. Cocktails are usually synonymous to vacations and are an integral part of Central and South American culture.

Samba at Shangri-La at the Fort

Signature Drinks

Hakuna Matata

One of Samba’s tiki cocktails and an original recipe by Executive Mixologist, Ulysse Jouanneaud. Hakuna Matata is a mélange of local alcoholic brands – Don Papa Rum and Mango Paradiso Liqueur. A drink reminiscent of the tropics, with sweet, crisp flavors of the islands.

Pisco Sour

The Pisco Sour – a cocktail popular in Peru, is made with its namesake spirit, lime juice, simple syrup, bitters and an egg white. Easy and refreshing, the Pisco Perucho is the perfect slow down to a long day as you lounge by Samba’s pool side.

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Samba at Shangri-La at the Fort


Samba at Shangri-La at the Fort